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New products from Panasonic.


AG-HPX304ER P2 HD camcorder
  The world’s first affordable professional camcorder with 10-bit, 4:2:2, individual frame recording and native 2.2 megapixel imagers. Incorporating an innovative, low profile shoulder mounted design, the 1/3” AG-HPX304ER P2 HD camcorder offers the flexibility of interchangeable lens but comes standard with a 17x HD Fujinon lens.
The AG-HPX301E imager incorporates advanced 1/3” 2.2-megapixel 3-MOS technology to acquire full native resolution HD images. With a redesigned optical block and a high-precision prism bonding technology, these advanced 3-MOS imagers provide exceptional image quality while minimizing any flare and chromatic aberration. A new 20-bit digital signal processor (DSP) also enhances the HPX304ER’s image performance. The solid-state 1/3” HPX301E offers the security of a five-year warranty program (1 year + 4 additional years with registration), ultimate quality and flexibility in an affordable, full-size HD camcorder.
  Delivering the impressive quality of AVC-Intra 100 and AVC-Intra 50, the HPX304ER also records individual frame images in 100Mbps DVCPRO HD and in standard definition in DVCPRO50, DVCPRO and DV, which provides faster workflow and less degradation in multigenerational rendering.
The AVC-Intra 100 and 50 codecs let you record in a choice of HD video formats like Pal and NTSC frequencies. Moreover, it records also in SD frequencies in interlinear and progressive mode. The camera also supports 1080/23.98PsF output (via HD-SDI) for use in high-end movie production. The output of the camera can be set for down conversion or cross-conversion with letterbox, 4:3 crop or squeeze.
The HPX301E’s interchangeable lens design gives video pros the flexibility to utilize a wide range of broadcast and production HD lenses. The camera is equipped with numerous popular features including Chromatic Aberration Compensation (CAC) to maximize lens performance, built-in scan reverse for use with film lenses, a Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) function to help compensate for wide variations in lighting, a waveform and vector scope display, and two focus assist functions – a picture expanding function and a focus bar.
For added creative flexibility, the HPX304ER also has variable frame rate functions for creating fast and slow motion effects. In 720p mode, a user can choose between 20 variable frame steps between 12p and 60p. Because the HPX301E records images at the frame rate set in the camera, users can preview the speed effect right on the spot, without using a frame rate converter. When working with the camera’s advanced 1080/480 24pA mode, users have the option of using 2:3:3:2 pull down, which allows most nonlinear editing systems to easily extract 24 frames on ingest.
Equipped with two P2 card slots and new 64GB P2 cards, the HPX304ER offers recording capacity that exceeds that of tape based camcorders. The HPX304ER offers all the benefits of a faster, file-based P2 HD workflow including recording features like instant recording startup, clip thumbnail view for immediate access to video content on all cards, and a host of time-saving recording modes including continuous recording, card slot selection, hot swapping, loop, pre-record (three seconds in HD and seven seconds in SD), one-shot and interval recording. The camera also features an SD memory card slot for saving or loading scene files and user settings, or proxy data (optional AJ-YAX800G Proxy board required).
The HPX304ER has advanced gamma functions offering six shooting scenarios, including the popular Cine-Like Gamma modes found on Panasonic’s popular VariCam camera, which gives recordings the characteristic warm tone of film recordings. A scene file dial on the side of the camera provides quick access to six pre-loaded settings; the dial can also be programmed with user-defined settings.
The camera’s interfaces include two SDI outputs (switchable between HD/SD-SDI output), video output (down-converted SD video only), IEEE 1394, USB 2.0 interface compatible with host mode, time code input/output (with built-in SMPTE time code generator/reader). Additional features include, Genlock input, 4-position ND optical filter controls, DC power input, color bar switch, three XLR audio jacks (one in the front, two on the rear), wireless microphone slot (2-channel UniSlot wireless receiver compatible) and programmable user buttons.
At eight pounds, the HPX304ER’s lightweight, well-balanced design and ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use. All operation switches, volume controls and card slots are on the left side for easier operation.

AJ-P2E016XG, AJ-P2E032XG, AJ-P2E064XG

    The new line of 2 solid-state memory cards designed to significantly reduce the cost of the P2 file based workflow.
Тhe new E-Series includes 16GB (model AJ-P2E016XG), 32GB (model AJ-P2E032XG) and 64GB (model AJ-P2E064XG) P2 memory cards, which provide superior quality recording for an average of five years of normal operation.
Incorporating a newly-developed technology, E-Series P2 cards transfer recorded content at even higher speeds (up to 1.2Gbps) than current longer life models. Built with an aluminum die cast casing, P2 cards provide superior durability compared to plastic-based memory cards.
The E-Series cards are designed to work with Panasonic’s full line of P2 camcorders, recorders and workflow tools. A free E-Series firmware upgrade for P2 equipment is required for optimum performance. Additional free downloads available via Panasonic’s Web site include the P2 Driver upgrade (required for operation of cards on Mac or Windows platforms), and the P2 Formatter, a computer software that allows users to display and track the P2 card’s capacity and life.
The E-Series P2 cards are designed to provide highly reliable content recording over a number of years. When recorded once daily, at full capacity (100%), the cards are reusable for up to five years; when used at half capacity (50%), the cards will continue to record for up to 10 years. A notification is given (in the camcorder’s LCD/viewfinder or the card reader’s display) as the card approaches the end of its life cycle. Details of the card’s capacity and life can also be displayed and tracked on a computer via the P2 formatter software (available for download on ).
The E-Series card is compatible with Panasonic’s full line of P2 camcorders, recorders and workflow tools. The P2 cards can store content in the complete range of P2-supported frame rates and formats, from high definition to standard definition and from DVCPRO to AVC-Intra 100.

 The new AJ-PCD35E, a new five-slot P2 solid-state memory drive with a PCI Express (PCIe) interface. Joining Panasonic’s growing line of advanced P2 workflow tools, the PCD35E can increase transfer speed of P2 content max.1.0Gps or higher to desktop computer systems.
An essential workflow tool for file-based P2 production, the PCD35E P2 memory card drive provides professionals with a faster, more convenient file transfer workflow with the latest generation of computers equipped with a PCIe bus. It can transfer data from up to five P2 cards simultaneously, making content immediately available to nonlinear editing systems and servers.
The PCD35E plugs easily into a tower computer’s PCIe card slots, making it well suited for flexible playback or editing. It is compatible with Windows XP,Vista and Mac OS X. The drive comes with an AC adaptor.


   The new high-resolution BT-LH2550E LCD HD production monitor. With a full 1920 x 1200-pixel In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel, the 25.5” LCD production monitor features an expanded colour gamut, exceeding the NTSC standard, to ensure vivid, true-to-life color for critical monitoring at a cost far less than premium-priced reference monitors.
The BT-LH2550E offers six colour space settings - SMPTE, EBU, ITU-R BT.709, Adobe 2.2, Adobe 1.8 and D-Cinema – to expand the range of colours that can be viewed onscreen for high-end applications ranging from broadcast and print to digital graphics and postproduction. The monitor’s image processing engine has a three-dimensional look-up table (LUT) that calibrates it to reproduce content according to the specific colour standard selected. With its advanced IPS panel, 1920 x 1200 resolution and 10-bit processing circuit, the LH2550E produces ultra-faithful colour and exceptionally clear detail in any video format. Its high contrast and brightness, excellent motion response and wide 178° horizontal/vertical viewing angles make it the cost-effective choice versus more expensive reference monitors.
In addition to its state-of-the-art colour reproduction capabilities, the monitor is equipped with invaluable production tools, including built-in waveform monitor and vectorscope functions that display all picture lines for signal level monitoring. It also features pre-installed calibration software that allows the monitor to be calibrated directly with colour analyzers without using a PC. A split-screen function permits the simultaneously display of two video sources side-by-side from two different video inputs.
The monitor also features a Cine-gamma Film-Rec compensation function for compatible use with cameras such as the new AJ-HPX3700 and AJ-HPX2700 P2 HD VariCam camcorders and the AJ-HDC27 VariCam HD Cinema Camera. Additional monitoring tools include split-screen/freeze frame (live input vs. freeze frame), Standard Markers and Blue-only, H/V delay display, monochrome and Cross Hatch overlay display.
The LH2550E incorporates a new lightweight, slim-frame, space-saving design (it’s 1/3 lighter than its predecessor, the BT-LH2600W) and an aluminum alloy back panel. The monitor features a full range of professional level inputs including DVI-D input, two auto-switching SDI (HD/SD) inputs (with switched output), component and RGB, as well as standard RS-232C (9-pin) and GPI (9-pin) remote inputs, headphone jack, green and red tally lamps on the front panel. It also has an embedded audio decoder on board (through its headphone jack), time code display, closed caption (through video input only), audio level meter display of up to eight channels. Five customizable function keys on the front panel can be assigned with various display modes and settings for quick, one-touch adjustments.
The LH2550E operates without a cooling fan for noise-free performance. It comes standard with a desk stand and is VESA-mount compatible. A 24-volt AC Adapter, 3-pin AC cord and 4-pin XLR DC cord are included.


The new color viewfinder, the AJ-CVF100G, for their premium quality P2 HD and DVCPRO HD solid-state and tape-based production cameras. Incorporating LCOS display technology, and groundbreaking features like a built-in heater for operation in low temperatures, the AJ-CVF100G far exceeds the performance of competitive models.

Utilizing a one-inch diameter imager system, the high-performance CVF100G affords cinematographers color accurate viewing which minimizes the possibility of misdirected shots. The color viewfinder delivers low maintenance costs and can accommodate larger cine-like lenses. Prevalent in HD projectors and rear-projection televisions, LCOS technology offers the advantages of fast motion response, excellent resolution, and smooth pixel edges for a natural look and feel. Eliminating the color wheel used by some other technologies, this LCOS viewfinder reduces eyestrain by delivering a complete RGB image to the shooter.
The CVF100G offers exceptional performance and versatility. It’s built-in heating function improves response speeds at low temperatures. The CVF100G has a color resolution of more than 500 lines. The shooting formats the viewfinder supports include 1080/23.98PsF, 24PsF, 25PsF, 29.97PsF, 30PsF, 50i, 59.94i, 60i and 720/50p, 59.94p and 60p.

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