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Communications, codecs

Phoenix Studio
PHOENIX STUDIO is an IP audiocodec, in a single 1 U rack-mountable case, with stereo analogue and digital inputs and outputs and universal power supply (90-250V AC). The PHOENIX also has two slots for inserting optional communication modules: POTS, ISDN, X21, V35 and GSM.  Indeed the modular approach of the PHOENIX means that future modules can be easily developed depending upon market preferences.
Data Sheet , PDF
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EAGLE is a multi-format dual-channel audio codec with analog and AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs, dual display to make operation E@sy and multiplexing capability between the two ISDN "B" channels, in one rack unit height.
Operation Instruction  for EAGLE, PDF
Data Sheet , PDF
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COURSE multi codec
The COURSE accommodates a set of up to 10 dual channel ISDN, Digital Hybrid (analog line), V35/X21 TCP/IP communication boards, in a 4-unit chassis with control software and dual power supplies.
Operation Instruction  for COURSE multi codec, PDF
Data Sheet , PDF
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RANGER is an Audio and Data multiplexor for a full duplex channel E1/T1 of up to 2 Mb, with capacity for 15 circuits of 15-khz, 31circuits of 7.5-Khz or 62 circuits of 3.5-Khz, or else the corresponding data channels V-35 or X-21 interfaces at 64, 128 or 256 Kb.
Data Sheet , PDF
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Digital telephone hybrid with frequency extender incorporated.
Operation Instruction  for TH-02EX, PDF
Data Sheet , PDF
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Router BC 2000 D Multiplexer
BC-2000 D Multiplexer inserts and extracts digital or analog, mono or stereo, audio channels in E1/T1/J1 or Ethernet data transmission flows.
Data Sheet , PDF
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Phoenix Mobile
PHOENIX MOBILE is a powerful IP audio codec system and a versatile communications platform combined in a small, light weight, portable unit providing the ultimate in complete mobility while doing remotes.
Operation Instruction  for Phoenix Mobile, PDF
Data Sheet , PDF
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TLE-02D: Three units packed in the most unique box on the market:

  • An Audiocodec with Terminal Adapter, to establish high quality connections on Euro-ISDN lines.

  • A Portable Mixer with headphone amplifiers and 4 wire connectors for use on dedicated circuits, radio links, etc.

  • A Digital Hybrid, with echo suppression and frequency extender, for use on analogue telephone lines or mobile telephone.

Data Sheet , PDF
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The AEQ MPAC-02 is a multi format portable communications unit. In a single unit, all the necessary tools are present in order to establish an audio data link between the studio and remote location. Considering its compact size and utility it still offers the best sound quality and ease of use.
Data Sheet  for MPAC-02, PDF
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The SWING is a portable AudioCodec with built-in ISDN Terminal Adapter, double port interface compatible with ETSI (Euro-ISDN) and ANSI (National-1) communication Standards for 64 and 128 KBPS. It features a Digital Telephone Hybrid for analog lines, incorporating features such as Frequency Extender and Echo Cancellation, and connection through cell phone as a back-up or additional coordination circuit for the ISDN Connection.
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Digital commentary system
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Camera-top light
Zylight Newz
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