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Engineer Service   »  Catalog   »  Lenses   »  Canon   »  UHD   »  UHD DIGISUPER 86 (UJ86x9.3B) 


Long zoom broadcast lens designed to support 4K UHD broadcast systems. Advanced design technologies, optical components and manufacturing processes were used to produce an extremely high overall optical performance that exceeds basic 4K criteria, and maximize the output video image performance when used with the most sophisticated 4K UHD cameras. The lens embodies state of the art optomechanical and electronic advances, working to exceed the expectations of the world’s outside broadcast television operators.

The 4K UHD-DIGISUPER 86 (UJ86x9.3B) broadcast lens offers a wide angle setting of 9.3mm that can be altered all the way to an impressive telephoto setting of 800mm, while maintaining full 4K overall optical image quality over that extended range. This 86x zoom range offers superb image framing options for all forms of outside broadcast television productions. This extensive framing latitude can dramatically capture all possible on-site sensations - from the emotion of an entire crowded stadium to other emotions expressed in the close-ups of facial expressions of individual players on the field.

A particular challenge to the 4K UHD-DIGISUPER 86 (UJ86x9.3B) broadcast lens design is the built-in 2x optical extender. The insertion of that additional optical subsystem tends to exacerbate optical aberrations. Accordingly, Canon paid the utmost attention to the optical design of this unit and as a consequence full 4K optical specifications are protected when the extender is switched in.

A persistent challenge for long telephoto lenses is image blur caused by inadvertent movements of the lens, often caused by to vibrations due to wind, when mounted on towers. This becomes a larger issue when 4K image resolution is sought. The latest state of the art optical shift-type image stabilizer system (empowered by a powerful new digital servo control loop), helps facilitate high-speed precision deflection of light rays being transmitted through the lens, serving to counteract (in real time) their displacement by inadvertent outside movements of the lens.

The 4K UHD-DIGISUPER 86 (UJ86x9.3B) broadcast lens utilizes the same standard controllers for zoom and focus operations that have been optimized over decades of Canon HDTV field lens developments. The lens also uses the standard Canon 20-pin connector that provides an interface for the digital precision positional information of the zoom, focus, and iris operations required by many external virtual systems.


Product Category

Field Lens

Product Series


Object Image Format

2/3 inch

Aspect Ratio


Zoom Ratio


Focal Length Range

9.3 ~ 800mm
18.6 ~ 1600mm (with 2x Extender)

Angular Field of View

54.6° × 32.4° at 9.3mm
0.69° × 0.39° at 800mm

28.9° × 16.5° at 18.6mm (with 2x Extender)
0.34° × 0.19° at 1600mm (with 2x Extender)

Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number)

1:1.7 at 9.3 ~ 340mm
1:4.0 at 800mm

1:3.4 at 18.6 ~ 680mm (with 2x Extender)
1:8.0 at 1600mm (with 2x Extender)

MOD From Front of Lens

3.0 Meter

Scene Object Dimensions at MOD

271.9 × 152.9cm at 9.3mm
3.3 × 1.9cm at 800mm

136.0 × 76.5cm at 18.6mm (with 2x Extender)
1.7 × 1.0cm at 1600mm (with 2x Extender)










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