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Engineer Service   »  Catalog   »  Lenses   »  Canon   »  UHD   »  UHD DIGISUPER 27 (UJ27x6.5B) 


The UHD-DIGISUPER 27 (UJ27x6.5B) studio lens is our flagship 2/3-inch format studio lens, featuring outstanding optical performance beyond 4K resolution with a 27x zoom ratio (6.5mm to 180mm) and wide angle focal length (6.5mm at 1x, 13mm at 2x).

A variety of Canon’s advanced optical design technologies combine to produce a lens that delivers both 4K resolution and color reproduction uniformly from the center of the screen to the corners. The lens also features reduced chromatic aberration and ghosting compared to previous models.

State of the art optics combine with easy-to-operate features such as a built-in information display and stable and precision servo performance to help create a studio lens that offers outstanding UHD performance while significantly elevating the imaging performance of an HD lens-camera system.   A 20-pin connector provides precision digital interfaces to support virtual systems – making the UHD DIGISUPER 27 ideal for use in numerous high-end studio broadcast applications.

The most advanced computer simulation design techniques, deployment of new glass materials and optical coatings, and new precision optomechanical design strategies form the underpinnings of the outstanding overall optical performance of the UHD-DIGISUPER 27 (UJ27x6.5B) – achieving beyond 4K resolution even when the built-in 2x extender is engaged. These proprietary design strategies deliver exceptional 4K image sharpness and a very high contrast across the entire image plane and across the visible wavelength spectrum.

Recognizing the new importance of High Dynamic Range (HDR) to enhancing the overall image performance of both UHD and HD, the lens has been designed with proprietary coating and anti-reflection materials to precisely manage internal light reflections and to better suppress unintended ghosting and flare. This helps produce superb contrast and color reproduction of nominally exposed images, enhanced reproduction of scene speculars, and tight control over spurious effects of extreme scene highlights.

A 2/3-inch 4K acquisition system can result in a narrower depth-of-field than an equivalent HD system, making achievement of accurate focus more critical. To help alleviate this challenge, the operation of the focusing system within the lens has been improved compared to previous models, which aids operational tracking of focus on selected scene objects even when fast zooming is also engaged.

The lens utilizes the same standard controllers for zoom and focus operations that have been optimized over decades of Canon HDTV field lens developments. Similar in size and weight to our 2/3” HD lenses, the UHD-DIGISUPER 27 allows for the same shooting style.


Product Category

Studio Lens

Product Series


Object Image Format

2/3 inch

Aspect Ratio


Zoom Ratio


Focal Length Range

6,5-180 mm
13,0-360 mm (with 2x Extender)

Angular Field of View

72.9° x 45.1° at 6,5mm
3.1° x 1.7° at 180mm

40.5° x 23.5° at 13.0mm (with 2x Extender)
1.5° x 0.9° at 360mm (with 2x Extender)

Maximum Relative Aperture (F-Number)

1:1.5 at 6.5 ~ 123mm
1:2.2 at 180mm

1:3.0 at 13.0 ~ 264mm (with 2x Extender)
1:4.4 at 360mm (with 2x Extender)

MOD From Front of Lens

0.6 Meter

Scene Object Dimensions at MOD

106.1 x 59.7cm at 6.5 mm
3.8 x 2.1 cm at 180 mm

53.1 x 29.9 cm at 13.0 mm (with 2x Extender)
1.9 x 1.1 cm at 360 mm (with 2x Extender)










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