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Sony F65


F65 – True 4K and Beyond. Its debut has been long-awaited, and now Sony proudly introduces a state-of-the-art digital motion picture camera, the F65 – the next-generation CineAlta camera for digital motion picture production. Equipped with Sony’s newly developed 8K CMOS sensor, the F65 offers higher resolution, increased exposure latitude, and a wider color gamut than any previous digital motion picture camera, delivering brilliant HD, 2K, and true 4K images today. And it is ready to go far beyond 4K in the future as the industry evolves.

The F65 camera is equipped with a newly developed Super 35 mm-sized CMOS sensor to yield a total of 20 megapixels*. While a typical 4K sensor has half as many green pixels as there are pixels in 4K output, the F65 sensor has one green pixel for each 4K (4096 x 2160) output pixel. This unique sensor structure delivers unparalleled resolution for 4K digital cinema content production.

Due to this new imager and 16-bit in-camera digital signal processing, the F65 camera delivers exquisite images with increased exposure latitude of up to 14 stops. Camera base sensitivity is rated at 800 EI, although the extremely quiet noise floor allows the F65 to push sensitivity above ISO3200 depending on the creative intent.

Thanks to the unique characteristics of the color filter array on the sensor, the F65 camera captures a much wider color space than Sony’s previous F35 camera. Supporting AMPAS IIF-ACES*, the F65 camera expands the creative potentials of contrast and color reproduction for filmmakers.

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