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MicroX и MicroX HD/SD


Entry-level HD/SD-switchable or SD-only single-channel character generator.  Optional premium Lyric® features including Lyric® PRO.
  • Compact, cost-effective, single-channel, HD/SD-switchable, digital SD or analog SD CG
  • Real-time text and graphics animation
  • Creation to playout on one system
  • Template-based text and graphics for easy update
  • Upgradeable with premium Lyric® features

Single Channel…Singular Performance
The MicroX is a single-channel character generator with high-end features far beyond comparable, entry-level systems. MicroX systems are especially suited to automation environments which require text and graphics playout without clips. Attractively priced, the MicroX can be tailored to facility needs, with premium Lyric optional upgrades.

Effortless Transition to HD

Now also available in an HD/SD-switchable configuration, the MicroX can eliminate budget concerns when retooling for HD. When ready to take HD online, simply select the output in the software - no applications or boards to change! It’s that easy!

Breathtaking Graphics
Brilliant, captivating graphics content can be created on- or offline, locally or remotely. MicroX’s supreme flexibility supports the import and export of numerous standard file types, and automatic aspect ratio conversion. Familiar, timeline-based animations and drag-and-drop scene building emulate the leading nonlinear editing applications, making the MicroX easy to learn and limitless in its capability. Each object and its attributes are controllable from discrete timelines, and on-screen motion paths provide pinpoint accuracy. Pages can be tied together with customizable transitions that add dynamic continuity and complexity.

Live Update of Text and Graphics
Time-critical news and sports environments demand the ability to update text and graphics at a moment’s notice.  Template-based text and graphics enable update from a variety of sources. The MicroX offers quick, manual update, as well as an indispensable set of optional update tools, including the industry-standard Chyron Intelligent Interface® and DB Link.

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