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iArchive is a part of iXferus, which represents a hardware-software archiving complex. It offers the necessary set of functions for archiving, management, search, viewing, low-resolution rough editing for all materials contained in the system. The complex is a communication rack with all the necessary server and network equipment.

Main user functions of the system:

  • "Ingest" (recording) of video signals coming from various sources, in manual and automatic modes, with subsequent encoding and saving in the form of computer files.
  • Searching materials according to different criteria.
  • Viewing materials with subsequent selection.
  • Processing and editing audio and video materials.
  • Material description with subsequent dispatch to the archive.
  • Material description by time code.
  • Editing and removing materials from the archive.
  • Control of requested materials at any stage.
  • Control of materials being transferred at any stage.
  • Control of materials being archived.
  • Transfer of materials between archive branches.
  • System status report generation.

Main service functions of the system:

  • Synchronization of outside archiving complexes to implement the single access point for materials.
  • Creating low-resolution copies for both new and available materials.
  • Automatic transfer of extracted materials to individual user folders.
  • Automatic "garbage" cleanup, overfill protection.
  • Scheduled launch of sync, cleanup and user request processing services.
  • Access to a multitude of data storages.
  • Authorized system access with assigned action rights.
  • Customizable forms of search, viewing, editing and reporting.
  • Flexible configuration system geared toward any customer's needs.

iArchive main modules

«manually» and «in a package mode» (after preliminary «marking» of the original medium);
  • Supports all main functions of playback device control: «start», «stop», «pause», «rewind», «2х playback», «jog» and «shuttle», «eject»;
  • Displaying the time code of a playback device in the user’s interface on-the-fly;
  • Setting the initial position for time code for batch capturing;
  • Automatic setting of the medium to a selected time code position;
  • Setting file name mask;
  • Supports iEEE 1394 (Firewire) in the basic version;
  • Supports interface audio/video input/output cards like Blackmagic DeckLink (optional).
Server module (server)
The application which ensures customer service, data base operations, automatic cleanup and monitoring of disc array, user profile settings, log-file generation, real-time tracking of connected users.
Client module (client)
The application which ensures the user/system interaction.
Material search module
The module represents a full set of functions needed for archive search; fully customizable; supports full-text data base search and search with logical conditions OR and AND. Search can be done not only by metadata, but by time-code indices as well, if those were assigned when placing the material in the archive. Includes two search modes: expanded and standard. Spelling check included (built-in thesaurus).
Material description and editing module
This module allows the user to archive the material and assign different metadata to it. In case of video data, time-coded description is possible. This is a fully configurable and customizable module. It offers a possibility to check spelling for any metadata input field, assign any field as obligatory for filling, otherwise the archiving process will not be completed (archiving rules). It is also possible to add metadata and time-code description for materials already archived.
Material transfer module
If the system has several archives or several individual disk arrays for storing or releasing materials on the air, this module allows moving materials physically both from one array to another and between different archive branches present in the system.
Unpacking module
The module is responsible for delivering the material from the archive to a destination set in the user profile. The destination can be a disk array, non-linear editing station or a user’s PC.
Low-resolution non-linear editing module
This module supports the editing of low-resolution video materials directly in the archive, allows to perform voice-over, generate a finished product for preview.
EDL-list generation module
The module generates an EDL-list for a project created in low resolution. The EDL-list is generated in conformity with CMX-3600 and XML format for editing stations FinalCut and is automatically copied in the folder of requested materials used in project building. The material used in editing is also auto-copied in the same folder in high resolution. The module can be integrated with other editing solutions if they have an external data import interface. The module can only operate if a low-res non-linear editing module is available.
Report generation module
The module generates complete reports about the actions of the user and the system. The form and type of a report are customized. The report generation follows a template.
Database synchronization driver
The module is responsible for the replication and synchronization of outside data bases.
Data base direct access module for editing criteria
This module is the administrator’s tool enabling them to access the data base directly from the client to edit data base fields.
LTO library driver
It ensures the command interface between the server application iArchiveServer and the software that controls the tape library. It supports all commands and functions for data archiving, unpacking, and receiving information about the status of the tape library and task execution progress.
Low-res copy creation module
The module automatically generates copies in low resolution for all materials input in the system; works together with a transcoder server.
Archive section connection module
This module allows working simultaneously with many different individual archives of the company (ensuring a single access point for heterogeneous data).
Web-access module
The module provides cross-platform remote access to materials via a Web-browser.




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